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Shimla Mall Road


The Mall Road is one of Shimla’s most famous tourist attractions and
includes several hotels restaurants, clubs, pubs, banks, stores, postal
agencies, and tourist bureaux. People can walk casually up and down
the road while sipping their favourite coffee and enjoying the panoramic
natural scenery. Many are meeting at the Ridge and Mall Street to meet
and discuss with friends, to observe the Himalayan rainbow.

Scandal Point: Shimla is the perfect picture spot, seen from the Ridge.
The most beautiful feature of Scandal Point is the statue of Lala Lajpat
Rai was a freedom fighter. The General Post Office, Shimla, is
located just outside the scandal point.

Gaiety Theater: Gaiety Theater was opened on 30 May 1887 and is
located on the Mall and today is a key centre of social events. Many
young people go to the Gaiety Theater to make their evening enjoyable.
Many schools in the area host their Gaiety Theater major events. Even
after the original appearance has been kept, the theatre has been
recently renovated. The maintained history makes it more appealing.

Kali Bari Temple: The temple was built in 1845 and devoted to the Kali
goddess. The temple of Shamla Devi is said to be an ancient one.
Locally is favoured a wooden picture of the excellent.

Shopping: A highly recommended shopping area on Mall Road is the
Himachal Emporium. It’s a shopping centre unique to Shimla because
shopping is so varied. In this shop, you will find some beautiful
handmade woollen outfits. These woollen goods, made by Tibetans,
show their unique expertise. This is an excellent purchase for your winter
garment. You can choose from stunning, colourful gems and other
artefacts of craftsmanship. Don’t forget to get the colourful Himachali caps
typical of the locals.