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Narkanda, an unusual city in Himachal Pradesh near Shimla, with
spotless sights and a fresh atmosphere. In Dev Bhoomi, this hidden gem
consists of lovely green landscapes, large apple trees, and thick oak and
cedar forestry.

The sites provide several exciting treks at an altitude of 11,150 feet
above sea level. No matter what season you decide on your holiday,
Narkanda will certainly make you appreciate the mystical beauty.

Narkanda is home to several lovely sites that make you spend a
wonderful holiday away from all the stress of city life!
Tannu Jubbar Lake is a wonderful location if you plan a family getaway.

For a great family break, you can visit this gorgeous lake, where you can
relax and enjoy exciting events with your loved ones.
The site is circled by mountains capturing the true atmosphere in the
camera lens of Himachal. There’s a boat tour through the lake as well.

This is one of the Best places to visit in Narkanda’s excellent
destinations for individuals who want to enjoy a relaxing day at their own

Many apple orchards live in Narkanda. These vergers are one of
Narkanda’s distinctive experiences and you definitely do not wish to miss
the chance to walk in these wonderful farms.
The cultivation of apples in the region was begun by Satyanand Stokes,
which eventually raised the economy of the entire region. These exciting
farms today are known for the pleasure of tourists after him.

The temple of Mahamaya is one of Narkanda’s most popular places for
tourism. The temple is well connected to Narkanda at a distance of 7
kilometers from the town center. It is devoted to the goddess Kaali and
on Saturdays, it gets several visitors.

But you can observe believers from nearby and far all year round being
popular among local residents. The temple provides astonishing views
and the peacefulness of the sight is worth seeing. Peace-seekers
frequently visit the place.
Hotel Taj View is Narkanda’s best restaurant and hotel where you can
dine and also relax.

In summer and winter, Narkanda is the greatest time to visit.
March, April, May, November, and December are the finest
months to arrange a trip to this beautiful area.