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Kufri is commonly recognized as the heart of Shimla’s winter sports,
there’s an endless list of things to do in Kufri, particularly if you love
nature. Kufri is a wonderland for all adventurers. In winter, when it’s all
draped in untouched blueness, this beautiful hill station looks like
something from the storybook. Whatever you want, calm, loneliness or
an adventure, Kufri merely has enough treatments to make you happy.

Here are some of Kufri’s best things:

1. Horse Riding: Kufri is a beautiful destination, and one of the most
classic ways to explore its territory is on a horseback. The
excitement of horseback riding combined with the thirst for
exploration makes the ride unforgettable.

2. Visit the National Himalayan Park: The Himalayan Park in Kufri
is one of the most iconic places to visit over an area of 90
hectares, especially when you like plants, wildlife, and lovers of the
environment. In addition to the varied range of animal species and
more than 180 avian species, some of the most amazing views of
the Himalayans are also treated.

3. Yak Ride: A Yak Ride, an experience wholly different from horse
riding, is one of the most unique and exciting things in Kufri. Kufri
is one of the few places where yaks are available in India.

4. Visit Mahasu Peak: The path leads into a deep forest of
deciduous trees up to the top, presenting a wonderful view of
the amazing Kedarnath and Badrinath mountains. The Mahasu
ridge is one of the ideal areas for skiing before you face more
tough terrains. Without a visit through this famous destination, your
Kufri tour is essentially completed.

5. Kufri Fun World: A visit to the famed Kufri Fun World with your
children is one of the most exciting things to do in Kufri. The
amusement park, situated on the top of the Mahasu peak at over
9,000 ft., is surrounded by several pumping thrill rides for kids and
matured alike.