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Hatu Temple


Hatu Mata is considered to be the goddess of the Narkanda region and
the presiding deity of the Narkanda tribe. According to local belief, the
famous Hatu Mata Temple is the temple of Mandodari, the wife of
Lankapati Ravana.

Hatu Peak is the highest peak in the Shimla region and its height is  3400 m (ie 12000 ft) above sea level. And the temple of Hatu Mata is situated on the top of this peak.

On the first Sunday of Jyeshtha month, people come in large numbers to
visit the temple. With their wishes, the worshippers go here and believe
their wishes are fulfilled. The wishes of the devotees are definitely
fulfilled here.

The road to Hatu Mandir runs 6 km before Narkanda by a divided road.
A long steep ascent and a perilous ride on this road will lead to the
temple. The route is quite nice for believers, filled with deodar and lush
woods all around.

It is believed that this temple was built by the Pandav at the time of their
obedience. It is said that even today if excavation is done here, even
today burnt coal has been found. This indicates the result that in this
place the Pandavas had a kitchen.